Theoretical Chemistry 3 (Winter 15/16)

The official site to the lecture can be found at the AK Ochsenfeld page. You can also download all the exercise sheets from there.

Classes take place every Monday 13-15 o’clock at Willstaetter aula (starting October, 12). Exercises are held every Wednesday 12-14 o’clock in room E0.013 and Thursday 17-19 o’clock in room C4.005 (starting October, 21).

The exam will take place on 2016/02/23 (Tue) 8-10 o’clock in Baeyer aula. The retry exam will be held on 2016/04/26 (Tue) 17-19 o’clock in Willstaetter aula.

On 2016/02/04 (10-12 o’clock in room C1.003) we offer a particular questions session. Please prepare your questions in advance.

The exam results have been submitted to the examination office and should be available via the LSF within the next few days. The post-exam review will be held on 2016/03/09 11-12 o’clock in room C5.001.